Answering violence with violence, is this a sane solution or is it the peak of madness? I firmly believe violence should be the last thing to tackle a situation. The recent rape case in Lahore Pakistan, which has resulted in a public outcry for justice and they are urging to hang the rapists publicly. I initially believed and I said ditto to them due to the shock and the inability to grasp things clearly because of what had happened, but is public hanging a logical solution? No! It is not. Lets discuss why my point of view about this has changed after cooling down and giving it a thought with a composed mind.

The reality of our society is that the sins commited by men against women are given a hiding place while the women are asked to conceal the sins of others by putting a lid on the crimes commited against her to save the name of the family. There should be an upraor to change this mindset in the light of this accident, not hanging the rapists publicly because the problem is at the grass root not the final product, the rape was the final product but what lead to such a mindsets being prevelant in our society, that needs stopping and that is through proper education, through proper awarness of the rights that a woman has and a man can’t do anything he wills, the women of our society are weak, opressed and unaware of the powers they can have. Hang these rapists publicly but what good will it bring? The normal life will begin again, women will be overpowered and the rapists will be born again, break the cycle and don’t give a false image of our society, this is not an outliner, this happens in the form of martial rape, it happens in the form of mental torture of the women, it happens in so many other forms, hanging them publicly would hide those acts, it is a perfect oppurtunity to highlight the injustice the majority of the women in our country face and bring about the necessary changes.

The Quran does tell us to punish a rapist publicly but look at that society and look at the society we live in. That was a perfect society and such cases were a rarity, killing a rapist publicly was an outliner, those people were being educated about the importance of the respect of a women but our society is devote of such teachings, our society is not yet that perfect to adopt such measures. First make your society reach that level, then take such measures because if we publicly hang these criminals, then it will give an impression that this case was a deviation from the mean but it is the mean.

We all are aware of the blasphemy law of Pakistan and how people have been lynched, murdered, forced to flee the country without any concrete evidence. Performing public hanging should be the last thing such a morally and ethically corrupt nation be wishing for, if this goes through then the results will be catastrophic.

The only solution is a widespread movement to change the mindsets. The sins of a man are his in this world and the hereafter, and they shouldn’t be printed on the chest of a woman, he should be shamed for what he does and his sins shouldn’t be washed away in the tears of a woman. It is the time for awarness not gore, the moment to end this cycle and start a new cycle where a man is responsible for his acts and not a woman.

A man lost in his thoughts.