When everything you ever desired in the short-term or the long-term is in your hands but still you are not satisfied with your life as the days flash past your eyes and the bridge to happiness is nowhere to be seen, and you are longing for that one moment where…

What is forgiveness? Where to seek forgiveness? Where to keep boundaries? Let’s talk.

What is forgiveness

Forgiveness is the name of self realization. The thing that you need to put in your head is that no one will forgive you for sins you never committed to them but yourself. Many people will have…

The real path

Do you remember when we were young, we were told one thing; this world is temporary and there is a beautiful world awaiting us but for that we have to thrive in this world.

Growing up and becoming adults, I think majority of us forgot that and…

Ramadan Kareem

Ramadan is a holy month and most of my audience are aware of what this month stands for. Well I know just two or three of my close friends read my articles, so audience is a bit of exaggeration, lets just consider it an erratum.

What I want…

She said love is like a flower, it is fresh today and tomorrow it fades away

I said, when a flower fades, 100’s of flowers are born out of it

She said, love is like a fire, it turns you into ashes

I said, fire brings warmth and light to a place

She said, Love is like a curse, which makes you blind

I said, to God I am never a blind, why should I care for the world

She said, love is like a hell where kids like us are burnt

I said, glad it is hell; my body is cleansed from the sins I committed

She said, my sweet heart; I wish your wisdom was mine

Ghani said, it is not more valuable than you; have it

To my happy place

All my little life have been spent around certain things, certain fictional characters, certain dreams, certain ambitions but they aren’t satisfactory. …

I have started seeing the world as infinite. There is an abundance of everything out there. Losing something you longed forever is grief, I lost something too and that is why I am writing this and I know this will never return but if I don’t look and stay at…

The world is too fast for us to remember the actions we do. We make and take a lot of actions but remember one thing, the actions you take don’t vanish in thin air, it comes back to you in one way or another.

I see karma as the above…

Self Love

Self Love is a concept that we need to teach people, rather than circumstances or the result of a poor choice teaching us that, the most important thing is you!

I will begin with defining self-love. Self-love is loving things that are good for you and which brings an aura…

Seriously what is apparent isn’t really aparent, this will be hard to put in words but lets try.

Reality is different from the reality we perceive, the appearance of something might show distress or glee but it is often the veil to conceal something.

Thinking back today I was walloped…

Sanan Khan

A man lost in his thoughts.

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